Amanda S Sørensen

“As a model and gymnast I’ve worked with a bunch of trainers but Cavakia was the first one to help me correct exercise and nutritional mistakes limiting my progress. He’s the true description of an elite trainer. His passion for transforming people’s lives has led him to continuous study and growth in the realm of fitness. I highly recommend his services for anyone seeking a positive physical change in the shortest time frame.” -Amanda Stjernholm Sørensen

Sonia P Gibson

“ Hi, my name is Sonia, I am a healthy foods chef inspired by Cavakia’s philosophies. In March 2004 I was at my heaviest weight ever which was affecting my joints and overall health in a negative way. Since I’ve failed trying so many fitness solutions promising quick weight loss, I became very discourage and contemplated with bariatric surgery. It was around that time I met Cavakia at local gym and learned about the fitness truth. I was skeptical at first but I liked the way he approached me on the gym floor. In all my years exercising at a commercial gym no trainer ever came up to me to show me proper formed. Once I loosened up and show interest he asked about my goals and probed into my exercise and health history. I told him about my desperate attempt towards going under the knife, and instead of poking fun, he educated me. He helped me understand why my previous weight loss programs fail, and give me clarity with exercise and healthy eating. Right at that moment I could tell I was dealing with a professional. Because of Cavakia and his fitness and nutritional knowledge my joint pain is gone, I weigh less and I’m enjoying health and fitness for the first time in my life. I now realized the power to reshape my body was inside me the whole time and I have Cavakia to thank as catalyst for educating me. “-Sonia P. Gibson

Antoine Garcia

“The best thing about following your 12 week’s plan was that I got leaner without losing muscle and the cheat-days make the program doable” -Antoine Garcia